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          Y2-400~450( IP55 )低壓大功率三相異步電動機

          • 產品概述
          • 技術參數
          • 外形及安裝尺寸

          Y2系列低壓大功率全封閉籠型三相異步電動機是在Y2系列基礎上, 采用新型材料,新工2, 可靠性技術設計的,外型結構與Y2系列相同 。 電機采用 F級絕緣, 防護等級為l P55額定電壓為380V或660V, 額定頻率為50Hz, 安裝形式為lMB3, 冷卻方式為lC411 , 該產品體積小, 重量輕, 結構緊湊,效率高, 噪音低,滿足客戶的那保要求。


          Y2 serieslow-voltagelarge-power totall enclosed squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronus motors are based on Y2 series motors, which adopts new materials and new technique, the identical contour structure with Y2 series. The motor adopts F grade insulation, lp55 degree of protection, 380V or660V rated voltage, 50 H rated frequency, IMB3 installation type andlC411oooling method. This series motor are characterized with small volume, light weight,compact structure, high efficiency and low noise to satisfy consumer's requirement for environmental protection.
          This series are widely used for driving various kinds of mechanical equipments such as pumps, blowers, compressor, transportmachinery,as well as for prime mover in petrochemical and mine industry.

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