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        1. 永華電機 讓夢想起航

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          • 產品概述
          • 性能數據
          • 調速特性曲線
          • 外形及安裝尺寸

          本系列電動機集國內外產品之優點, 調速范圍競、 振動小、 噪音低。 電機采用鼠籠型結構、 運行可靠, 維if一方便。 裝有獨立的冷卻風機, 保證在不同轉速下均有良好的冷卻效果。該系列電動機在5 ( 3 ) -50HZ運行時輸出恒轉矩, 在50-1 00HZ運行時輸出恒功率。

          YVF2系列電動機的安裝尺寸和功率等級均符宣lEC標準, 對應關系與Y系列電動機一致, 互轉性、通用性強。 電動機米用F級絕緣, 外売防護lP44或lP54, 冷卻方式lC416, 連_續工作制(Sl)。


          Combining the advanced technology home and abroad,YVF2 series motors posses the advantages of wide range of wide range of adjustable speed,little vibration andlow noise.The squirrel cage type structure makes it reliable operation and easy maintenance,The independentoooling fancan guarantee the goodoooling effect under different speed Running at5(3)~to50Hz,this series can run smoothly underoonstant torque,while at50~100Hz it deliversoonstant output power。

          lts installations dimensions and power rank conform tolEC standard.The oorresponding relation is in identical with Y series motor,which is characterized by good interchangeability and versatility,This series motor adopts F grade insulation,lP44 orlP54 degree of oovering protection,lC416 cooling method, oontinuous duty(S1). For55kw power and below, the motor are connected in Y,while the above ones are connected in(Sl).

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