Factbox: Other countries that strip citizenship


* Laws came into force June 2015

* Citizenship can be stripped from dual nationals

* Minister can revoke citizenship if a dual national convicted of terrorism, high treason, treason or spying with particular minimum sentences

* Minister can ask the Federal Court of Canada to make a declaration that a person has served as a member of an armed force or organised armed group engaged in armed conflict with Canada, which revokes citizenship

* Once citizenship has been revoked these people are permanently barred from obtaining Canadian citizenship again


* Minister can take away citizenship of dual nationals, aged over 18, who have “acted in a manner contrary to the interests of New Zealand”

* Notice of “intention to deprive” is served and the person has 28 days to lodge a High Court appeal of decision

* After 28 days or unsuccessful appeal, minister makes formal order to strip citizenship and seize passport, possible deportation


* Dual citizens can lose British citizenship if the Secretary of State is satisfied it would be “conducive to the public good”

* Secretary may also strip a naturalised person of British citizenship if reasonably believe the person can become a citizen of another country and if satisfied the person has conducted themselves in a manner seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK


* Citizenship rights protected by 14th amendment to constitution and cannot be revoked through legislation

* A person voluntarily renounces US citizenship if they take up naturalised citizenship or an oath of allegiance to another country, enter or serve in armed forces of a country at war with the US, assume or perform official duties in a foreign government, or commit an act of treason or conspiracy against the US

* Person must be outside US for loss of citizenship to take effect, except in cases of treason or conspiracy


* Acquired French citizenship can be revoked for serious matters, including conviction for acts of terrorism or crimes or offences that threaten the country’s fundamental interest

* For non-terrorism crimes, citizenship can be stripped from dual nationals only if they’ve held it for less than 10 years

* For terrorism crimes, citizenship can be stripped from dual nationals only if they’ve held it for less than 15 years

(Source: Parliament’s Joint Intelligence and Security Committee review of citizenship bill)